Reed Gift Fairs & Life Instyle Sydney Speaker

I’m excited to announce that I’ve been invited to speak at the Reed Gift Fairs & Life Instyle Sydney 2024 at the International Convention Centre Sydney (Darling Harbour) this weekend (Saturday and Sunday) about Facebook and Instagram Marketing and Advertising.

Reed Gift Fairs Sydney is Australia’s leading retail buying event, where retailers and designers can access hundreds of premium and emerging wholesale brands – all under one roof.

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Making the Most Out of Your Facebook Marketing and Advertising Campaign Reed Gift Fairs & Life Instyle Sydney Talk

Saturday, 17th Feb 2024, 11:00am – 11:30am:

✅ Facebook Marketing and Advertising

✅ How Marketing is Similar to Farming

✅ The Seasonality of the Australian E-commerce Industry

✅ How to Reach Your Audience

✅ What Makes Ad Creative and Copy Effective

✅ What Businesses Need to Do to Succeed in 2024

✅ How Much Should I Spend on Facebook Ads?

✅ Case Studies and Effective Results

Here’s The Facebook Marketing and Advertising Link.

Maximising Audience Engagement on Instagram

Sunday, 18th Feb 2024, 10:30 am – 11:00 am

✅ Do Not Be The World’s Best Kept Secret

✅ Meta (Facebook And Insta) Fun Fact

✅ Understanding Instagram’s Ecosystem

✅ Instagram Demographics

✅ The Influencer Economy on Instagram

✅ Influencer Categories by Followers

✅ The Diverse Features on Instagram

✅ Instagram Algorithm Insights

Get Instagram Followers Via Paid Meta Ads

Location: Reed Gift Fairs Show Floor – Level 1, Hall 1, at the rear of Rows H & J.

Here’s The Facebook Marketing and Advertising Link.

About the Author

Crom Salvatera is a distinguished marketing professional, consultant, and freelancer, renowned for his expertise in digital innovation and e-commerce. Boasting a rich background in social media, marketing strategy, and customer engagement, Crom has empowered brands from diverse sectors to reach their digital marketing goals.

His strategic insights and forward-thinking approach, particularly in leveraging platforms like Facebook and Instagram, have driven significant growth and success for businesses. Crom’s upcoming speaking engagement at the Reed Gift Fairs & Life Instyle Sydney 2024, where he will share his deep knowledge on Facebook and Instagram Marketing and Advertising, underscores his role as a thought leader in the digital marketing space.

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