The Top 10 Basic Copywriting Templates for Crafting Winning Campaigns

In digital marketing, mastering copywriting templates is key to connecting with the fundamental aspects of human psychology. By aligning our strategies with The 8 Natural Human Needs, The 9 Learned Human Wants, The 7 Emotive Triggers, and The 12 Brand Archetypes, we ensure our messages resonate deeply, compelling action and fostering lasting connections. Here, we explore the best copywriting templates that every marketer at our esteemed agency should master to enhance campaign efficacy across SEO optimisation, social media, and digital marketing strategies.

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1. PAS: Problem-Agitate-Solution

This template is crucial for tapping into the natural human need for stability and resolution, making it a staple in our Copywriting Templates toolkit for everything from social media promotions to paid Facebook campaigns:

  • Problem: Pinpoint specific challenges your target audience faces.
  • Agitate: Amplify these issues, stressing the impact on the consumer’s life.
  • Solution: Position our services as the ideal resolution to these challenges.

Example: Are your social media efforts unseen? (Problem) Imagine the potential connections lost in the digital void. (Agitate) Our social media marketing agency crafts campaigns that ensure visibility and engagement, transforming your digital presence. (Solution)

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2. AIDA: Attention-Interest-Desire-Action

Essential for creating urgency and appeal, this template aligns with emotional triggers to drive action, making it perfect for PPC and digital marketing campaigns:

  • Attention: Capture immediate attention with compelling content.
  • Interest: Maintain interest with engaging and relevant details.
  • Desire: Cultivate a strong desire with enticing benefits.
  • Action: Propel the audience to take definitive action.

Example: Unhappy with your PPC results? (Attention) Discover how our certified status as a Google Ads Partner can enhance your campaigns. (Interest) Imagine reducing your ad spend while increasing conversions. (Desire) Reach out now to let us refine your strategy. (Action)

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3. ACCA: Awareness-Comprehension-Conviction-Action

Ideal for launches or new market entries, this formula helps in establishing a strong brand connection:

  • Awareness: Highlight an unnoticed problem or need.
  • Comprehension: Help the audience understand its impact.
  • Conviction: Convince them of the urgent need for a solution.
  • Action: Direct them towards taking an actionable step.

Example: Noticing less traffic to your site? (Awareness) Poor SEO could render your post or page invisible, which means your audience cannot find your business online. (Comprehension) With our innovative SEO strategies, gain prominence and drive traffic. (Conviction) Start with our complimentary SEO audit. (Action)

4. BAB: Before-After-Bridge

Powerful for demonstrating transformation, this template showcases our ability to bridge the gap from problem to solution effectively:

  • Before: Depict the client’s prior challenges.
  • After: Illustrate the improvements post-intervention.
  • Bridge: Explain how our services facilitated this change.

Example: Struggling with low online engagement? (Before) Imagine tripling your audience interaction through targeted digital strategies. (After) Our comprehensive digital marketing services make this possible. (Bridge)

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5. FAB: Features-Advantages-Benefits

This template excels in detailed explanations of our services, linking features directly to client benefits:

  • Features: Specify the service feature.
  • Advantages: Outline how it surpasses alternatives.
  • Benefits: Demonstrate the direct benefits to the customer.

Example: Our Google Ads service offers real-time bidding. (Feature) This ensures your ads remain competitive at auction. (Advantage) Experience reduced costs and enhanced ROI. (Benefit)

6. The Four C’s: Clear, Concise, Credible, Compelling

A cornerstone in our Copywriting Templates, this approach guarantees our content is impactful and persuasive:

  • Clear: Ensure the message is straightforward.
  • Concise: Deliver it succinctly.
  • Credible: Support it with solid evidence.
  • Compelling: Engage emotionally to inspire action.

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Example: Need quicker website load times? (Clear) Our SEO techniques can cut load times by up to 50%. (Concise) Trusted by numerous clients globally, see why we lead in SEO optimisation. (Credible) Don’t let slow speeds hinder your business growth. (Compelling)

7. AIDPPC: Attention-Interest-Description-Persuasion-Proof-Close

This detailed template is perfect for longer formats like blog posts or comprehensive Google Ads campaigns:

  • Attention: Hook the audience with a striking headline.
  • Interest: Keep them engaged with captivating details.
  • Description: Clearly outline the problem and solution.
  • Persuasion: Make a strong case for your solution.
  • Proof: Validate with data or testimonials.
  • Close: End with a compelling call to action.

Example: Invisible on Google search? (Attention) Our Google PPC management can significantly boost your visibility. (Interest) By optimising your ads and keywords, we tailor your campaign for maximum effectiveness. (Persuasion) Just ask our client XYZ Corp, who saw a 300% increase in leads. (Proof) Ready to take over your market? Contact us today. (Close)

8. The Five Most Basic Objections

This template equips us to directly confront and counter common customer objections, enhancing trust and persuading potential clients of the value we offer. Each objection is an opportunity to solidify our credibility and demonstrate the unique advantages of our solutions:

  • Prepare: List potential objections related to cost, complexity, or perceived efficacy.
  • Counter: Address each with solid arguments and evidence.

Example: Concerned about the cost of SEO services? Consider the long-term impact of increased visibility and organic traffic that our SEO strategies provide, far outweighing the initial investment. Our clients consistently see a substantial return on investment, making our services not just a cost, but a valuable investment.

9. So What?! Formula

By challenging each feature with a “So What?” this template helps us focus on the benefits that truly matter to the client, enhancing the relevance and appeal of our services:

  • Feature: State a feature of our service.
  • So What?: Immediately answer with a direct benefit that addresses a client need.

Example: Our agency provides comprehensive analytics as part of our digital marketing services. So what? This means you gain actionable insights, allowing you to refine your marketing strategies dynamically and stay ahead of market trends, ultimately boosting your profitability.

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10. Why/Try/Buy Formula

Ideal for introducing new products or services, this template guides potential customers through a logical progression from awareness to purchase, aligning with learned human wants and emotional triggers:

  • Why: Highlight the need or problem your product addresses.
  • Try: Offer a trial or a sample to demonstrate value without full commitment.
  • Buy: Make the purchasing process as simple as possible.

Example: Unsure why you need a revamped social media strategy? (Why) Try our free social media audit to see where you stand in your current engagements. (Try) You’ll receive personalised insights that show how our targeted strategies can significantly increase your reach and customer interaction. Ready to transform your social media presence? Let’s get started with our full-service package today. (Buy)

By incorporating these copywriting templates into our daily practice, we leverage profound psychological principles like The 8 Natural Human Needs, The 9 Learned Human Wants, The 7 Emotive Triggers, and The 12 Brand Archetypes. These ensure our copy not only captures attention but also fosters emotional connections, drives desire, and prompts action, laying the foundation for successful campaigns and lasting relationships. Let’s continue to use these powerful tools to enhance our offerings and achieve unparalleled success in all our digital marketing endeavours.

About the Author

Crom Salvatera is a veteran in the field of copywriting, with two decades of dedicated experience shaping the art and science of persuasive writing. Specialising in the nuances of the Australian market, Crom has honed his skills to masterfully craft copy that resonates deeply with diverse audiences. His journey includes mentoring aspiring copywriters, imparting both foundational techniques and advanced strategies that fuse psychological insights with compelling content creation. Crom’s profound impact on the industry is marked by his commitment to elevating the standard of copywriting practices, always focusing on forging lasting connections between brands and their audiences through meticulously crafted messages. His innovative approach ensures continuous evolution in the dynamic world of digital marketing and copywriting.

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