A Rising Problem With The Current Facebook Ads Agency Model

In Facebook Ads Agencies, there’s a tempting path that many are drawn to—the promise of quick and easy solutions. As a Facebook Ads consultant, I’ve seen a trend that’s both worrying and widespread: the rush towards automation, especially with tools like Facebook’s Advantage+. While these tools are powerful, they come with a catch that not everyone sees at first.

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The Lure of Advantage+ in a Fast-Rising Facebook Ads Agency

Advantage+ is a feature from Facebook designed to make advertising seem easy. It uses smart technology to set up ads quickly, aiming to reach lots of people without needing much work from you.

On the surface, this sounds great, right? You get your ads running fast, without having to dig deep into the hows and whys of Facebook advertising.

But here’s where the problem starts. Newcomers to Facebook Ads, including some agencies and their fresh-faced consultants, are leaning too heavily on this quick-fix approach. They think, “Why learn all the hard stuff when Advantage+ can do it for me?”

This mindset is spreading, and it’s not good for businesses looking to make a real impact.

Why Deep Knowledge Matters

Imagine trying to cook a gourmet meal for the first time by just using a microwave. Sure, you might end up with something edible, but will it be as good as if you’d used the right tools and techniques? Probably not.

The same goes for Facebook Ads. Advantage+ might get your ads out there, but without understanding your audience or knowing how to craft a message that resonates, you’re missing out on the true potential of your campaigns.

Businesses partnering with Facebook Ads agencies need to be cautious. If the agency or its consultants only know how to push the Advantage+ button, you’re not getting the best value. True Facebook advertising success comes from blending creativity with deep strategic knowledge—something no automation tool can fully replicate.

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The Cost of Quick Fixes

Relying solely on Advantage+ for Facebook advertising is like taking a shortcut on a journey without a map. Sure, it looks faster, but without a deep understanding of the terrain, you’ll likely end up lost.

This means wasted time, money, and opportunities for your business. Each misstep requires correction, and what seemed like a time-saver becomes a time-sink.

For those aspiring to master Facebook Ads, whether as a business owner or a consultant, there’s no substitute for getting your hands dirty. Learning the ins and outs, experimenting with creative ideas, and truly understanding your audience are what set great campaigns apart from the good.

Need help with your social media? Book your FREE 1:1 consultation today and get started.

The Right Path Forward

As we navigate the challenges of Facebook advertising, the key is to use tools like Advantage+ wisely—not as a crutch, but as one of many tools in your arsenal. Partner with a Facebook Ads Agency or consultant who appreciates the power of deep knowledge and strategic thinking. 

Look for those who are as passionate about learning the whys behind a campaign as they are about pushing it live.

For businesses, this means choosing partners who don’t just offer quick fixes but are committed to your long-term success. It’s about finding a team that sees the value in understanding your brand, your audience, and the subtle nuances that turn a good ad campaign into a great one.

Real Impactful Facebook Advertising Strategies

In the quest for impactful Facebook advertising, the real advantage doesn’t come from automation alone but from the marriage of technology with human insight and creativity.

As a Facebook Ads consultant, I urge businesses to look beyond the allure of quick fixes. Invest in partnerships that value deep knowledge and strategic thinking. That’s the path to not just surviving in the digital marketplace but thriving.

About the Author

Crom Salvatera stands at the forefront of digital marketing innovation, bringing a wealth of experience and a keen passion for tailoring unique strategies that resonate on a personal level. As a luminary in the realm of Facebook advertising, Crom has led Paid Social Departments in prestigious Facebook Ads Agencies throughout Sydney, setting new standards for excellence and effectiveness in the field.

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