Hermes Marketing Strategy and Campaigns

I remember the day vividly when my wife expressed her desire for a Hermes Birkin bag. As I looked at the price tag, my thoughts wandered to upgrading my car or finally putting in a deposit or buying our dream home here in Sydney’s North Shore (Australia).

This curiosity sparked a deeper interest: What makes Hermes so elite? Why do their products command such astronomical prices? I decided to delve into the world of Hermes here in Australia, specifically its marketing and digital strategies, to uncover the secrets behind its luxurious allure.

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Hermes Understands the Needs and Wants of the Audience

Hermes Australia has mastered the art of appealing to fundamental human needs and learned wants through its marketing strategies. Here’s how they address these aspects:

Hermes Knows their Audience’s Human Needs

  • Sexual Companionship: Hermes Australia products, particularly their fragrances and fashion items, often carry an allure that can enhance one’s attractiveness, appealing to desires for sexual companionship.
  • To Be Superior, Winning, Keeping Up with the Joneses: Owning Hermes items is a status symbol, fulfilling the desire to be seen as successful and superior in social circles.
  • Social Approval: Hermes Australia’s exclusivity and luxury status offer social approval and admiration from peers.

Hermes Knows their Audience’s Human Wants

  • Expression of Beauty and Style: Hermes Australia’s fashion items allow customers to express their personal style with elegance and sophistication.
  • Economy and Profit: While Hermes products are expensive, they are often seen as investments due to their durability and timeless appeal, providing long-term value.

The Brand Archetypes Hermes Exudes That The Audience Resonates With

Hermes Australia embodies several key brand archetypes that resonate deeply with its audience:

The Ruler

  • Authoritative, Influential, Commanding: Hermes Australia sets the standards in the luxury market, commanding respect and admiration worldwide. Their products are symbols of power and prestige.

The Lover

  • Passionate, Sensual, Intimate: Hermes Australia’s products evoke a sense of passion and romance, appealing to customers’ desires for luxury and sensuality. Their brand messaging often highlights the intimate connection between the customer and the product.

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Hermes Australia’s Technical SEO and Website Optimisation

Hermes Australia’s reputation for luxury and exclusivity extends beyond its product offerings to its digital presence. A deep dive into Hermes Australia’s website and SEO practices reveals a meticulous approach to technical SEO and website optimisation, demonstrating the brand’s commitment to providing a seamless user experience and maintaining robust search engine visibility.

Technical SEO Excellence

Hermes Australia’s technical SEO setup is exemplary, reflecting a well-organised strategy designed to maximise both user experience and search engine performance. The use of Meta Pixels and Google Analytics tags is integral to this strategy. Interestingly, Hermes Australia uses two Meta Pixels on its site, which, although uncommon, can serve multiple strategic purposes:

  • Segmentation: Different pixels can be employed to track distinct user segments or specific marketing campaigns. This allows for more granular data analysis and targeted marketing efforts.
  • A/B Testing: Running A/B tests on tracking setups can help optimise performance and improve user targeting. By comparing the data from different pixels, Hermes Australia can identify the most effective strategies.
  • Redundancy: Ensuring tracking continuity is crucial. Having a backup pixel guarantees data collection remains intact if one pixel fails, thus safeguarding the integrity of the data.

The inclusion of Google Analytics, Global Site Tag (gtag.js), and Google Tag Manager (GTM) further reinforces Hermes Australia’s robust tracking framework. This comprehensive setup allows Hermes Australia to collect detailed data on user interactions and manage tags efficiently without frequent code changes, which is crucial for maintaining a clean and responsive website.

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Country-Specific TLD Usage

A notable aspect of Hermes Australia’s SEO strategy is its use of country-specific top-level domains (TLDs), such as for Australia. This approach is a sophisticated SEO move that enhances local relevance and search visibility. The benefits of this strategy include:

  • Local Relevance: Country-specific domains enhance local search relevance and user trust. When users see a domain tailored to their region, they are more likely to trust the content and engage with the site.
  • Better Ranking: Search engines often prioritise country-specific domains in local search results. This improves the site’s visibility and ranking in regional searches, leading to increased traffic and user engagement.

Site Structure and Technical Health

A comprehensive scan of 714 URLs on Hermes Australia’s website reveals an impressively optimised site with minimal technical issues. The site’s technical health is crucial for both user experience and SEO performance. Key findings from the site scan include:

  • Missing Alt Text: While the absence of alt text for images presents an opportunity for improvement in SEO and accessibility compliance, it’s a minor flaw in an otherwise robust setup. Adding descriptive alt text to images can enhance search engine understanding and improve accessibility for visually impaired users.
  • Missing Size Attributes: Defining image dimensions can improve page load speed and layout stability. This practice helps prevent layout shifts as the page loads, contributing to a better user experience and lower bounce rates.
  • 4xx Errors: Addressing internal client errors (4xx) is crucial to ensure a seamless browsing experience. These errors can frustrate users and hinder search engine crawlers, potentially affecting the site’s indexation and ranking.

Meta Pixel and Google Tag Setup

Hermes Australia’s deployment of two Meta Pixels is particularly interesting. This setup can be utilised for enhanced tracking and more detailed segmentation. It suggests that Hermes Australia is keen on maximising data accuracy and granularity, allowing for more precise targeting and better campaign performance evaluation.

The integration of Google Analytics and GTM is another testament to Hermes Australia’s commitment to comprehensive data tracking and management. This setup enables:

  • Comprehensive Tracking: All user interactions are captured, providing a complete picture of user behaviour and site performance.
  • Centralised Management: GTM allows for efficient management of tags without the need for frequent code changes, ensuring the site remains clean and responsive.

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Authority Score and Organic Traffic

Hermes Australia boasts an impressive Authority Score of 74, coupled with significant organic search traffic of 253.4K per month. This high authority and traffic volume are indicative of effective SEO practices and a strong online presence. The Authority Score reflects the site’s ability to rank well in search engines, while the high traffic volume indicates that these rankings translate into substantial user visits.

The Impact of Hermes Australia’s Digital Marketing

Hermes Australia, a brand synonymous with luxury and exclusivity, has adeptly harnessed digital marketing to reinforce its elite status and drive substantial business growth. The impact of Hermes Australia’s digital marketing strategies is evident in key areas such as brand loyalty, customer retention, global reach, and market penetration. By leveraging sophisticated digital tactics, Hermes Australia ensures that its online presence mirrors its offline prestige.

Brand Loyalty and Customer Retention

Hermes Australia’s digital marketing efforts have significantly bolstered brand loyalty and customer retention. The brand has created an immersive online experience that mirrors the exclusivity and elegance of its physical stores. Key components contributing to this success include:

  • Seamless User Experience: Hermes Australia’s website offers a seamless and luxurious user experience. High-quality visuals, intuitive navigation, and detailed product descriptions create an immersive shopping environment that keeps customers engaged. The site’s design reflects the brand’s aesthetic, reinforcing the sense of exclusivity that Hermes Australia is known for.
  • Personalisation: Hermes Australia employs advanced personalisation techniques to cater to individual customer preferences. By utilising data collected through various digital touchpoints, Hermes Australia tailors product recommendations and marketing messages to suit each customer’s unique tastes and purchasing history. This personalised approach fosters a deeper connection with the brand, encouraging repeat purchases and long-term loyalty.
  • Exclusive Content and Offers: Digital marketing allows Hermes Australia to offer exclusive content and special promotions to its loyal customers. By providing early access to new collections, invitations to private events, and personalised offers, Hermes Australia creates a sense of privilege and exclusivity. This strategy not only enhances customer loyalty but also incentivises customers to remain engaged with the brand.

Global Reach and Market Penetration

Digital marketing has been instrumental in extending Hermes Australia’s reach to a global audience while maintaining its prestigious image. Key strategies include:

  • Localised Content and SEO: Hermes Australia’s use of country-specific top-level domains (TLDs) and localised content ensures that the brand is relevant and accessible to customers worldwide. For example, the Australian site is tailored to local preferences and search behaviours. This approach enhances local search visibility, improves user trust, and boosts regional engagement.
  • Social Media Engagement: Hermes Australia’s active presence on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter allows the brand to engage with a global audience. High-quality visual content, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and storytelling posts help to convey the brand’s narrative and connect emotionally with followers. This global engagement reinforces Hermes Australia’s image as a universally aspirational brand.
  • Influencer and Celebrity Collaborations: Collaborations with influencers and celebrities help Hermes reach new audiences and enhance its brand image. High-profile individuals seen with Hermes products here in Australia amplify the brand’s visibility and desirability. These endorsements serve as powerful social proof, validating the brand’s status and attracting new customers.

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Comprehensive Data-Driven Strategies

Hermes’s digital marketing strategies are deeply rooted in data-driven decision-making, allowing the brand to optimise its campaigns and achieve significant impact. Key components of this approach include:

  • Advanced Analytics: Hermes Australia utilises advanced analytics tools like Google Analytics and Meta Pixels to track and analyse user behaviour. These tools provide valuable insights into how customers interact with the brand online, which products are most popular, and which marketing channels drive the most traffic and conversions. This data enables Hermes Australia to refine its strategies and focus on high-performing areas.
  • A/B Testing: By regularly conducting A/B tests on various elements of its digital marketing campaigns, Hermes Australia can identify the most effective tactics. Whether it’s testing different ad copies, website layouts, or email subject lines, A/B testing helps Hermes Australia continually improve its marketing efforts based on real user data.
  • Retargeting Campaigns: Hermes Australia effectively uses retargeting campaigns to re-engage customers who have shown interest in their products but have not completed a purchase. By serving personalised ads to these users as they browse other sites, Hermes Australia keeps its products top of mind and encourages conversions. This strategy is particularly effective for high-value items where the purchase decision may take longer.

Omnichannel Integration

Hermes Australia’s digital marketing success is also attributable to its seamless integration of online and offline experiences. The brand ensures that its digital initiatives complement and enhance its physical presence, creating a cohesive and immersive brand experience.

  • In-Store and Online Synergy: Hermes Australia’s website and physical stores are designed to work in harmony. For example, customers can browse products online and check their availability in nearby stores, or they can book in-store appointments for a personalised shopping experience. This synergy ensures that the luxury and convenience of the Hermes Australia brand are consistent across all touchpoints.
  • Digital Touchpoints in Physical Stores: Hermes Australia incorporates digital elements within its physical stores to enhance the shopping experience. Interactive screens, virtual try-ons, and digital catalogues provide customers with additional information and engagement opportunities, bridging the gap between the online and offline worlds.
  • Consistent Brand Messaging: Across all channels, Hermes Australia maintains a consistent brand message and aesthetic. Whether through social media, email marketing, or in-store interactions, the brand’s identity is uniformly communicated, reinforcing its luxury image and ensuring a cohesive customer experience.

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Challenges and Areas for Improvement

Despite its successes, Hermes Australia’s digital marketing efforts are not without challenges. One notable area for improvement is the brand’s social media advertising.

  • Underutilisation of Platform Features: Hermes Australia’s social media ads, particularly on Meta platforms, do not fully leverage the advanced targeting options and dynamic ad formats available. This underutilisation limits the potential reach and engagement of these campaigns.
  • Ad Copy and Creativity: The current social media ads often use brief, less than 150-character copy that resembles Google Ads. This approach, while concise, misses the opportunity to tell a more compelling story and engage users more deeply. By incorporating more vivid and descriptive language, Hermes Australia can better convey the luxury and craftsmanship of its products.
  • Regular A/B Testing: While Hermes Australia excels in many areas of digital marketing, its social media strategies could benefit from more frequent A/B testing. Testing different ad formats, creative approaches, and copy lengths can help identify the most effective strategies and enhance overall campaign performance.

The Hermes Social Media Advertising Performance

Hermes Australia is renowned for its luxurious products and impeccable craftsmanship, but its social media advertising, particularly on Meta platforms (Facebook and Instagram), leaves much room for improvement. Despite the brand’s global reputation and high-quality creative assets, there are significant areas where Hermes Australia’s social media strategy falls short. These shortcomings are especially noticeable in their approach to copywriting and the execution of image ads. This analysis explores Hermes Australia’s social media advertising, highlighting strengths and weaknesses in brand awareness and conversion campaigns, and emphasising the crucial role of copy and creatives.

Brand Awareness and Conversion Campaigns

Hermes Australia’s social media advertising strategy primarily aims to increase brand awareness and drive conversions. The brand has successfully utilised high-quality video content to achieve these goals, but there are notable deficiencies in other areas.


  • High-Quality Video Ads: Hermes Australia consistently produces visually stunning video content. These ads effectively capture the essence of the brand’s luxury and craftsmanship, making them highly engaging for users. The use of high-resolution visuals, artistic direction, and meticulous attention to detail in these videos helps maintain Hermes Australia’s prestigious image.


  • Image Ads: While Hermes Australia excels in video content, its image ads do not measure up. Image ads are essential for diversifying ad formats and reaching different audience segments. Unfortunately, Hermes Australia’s image ads often lack the same level of visual appeal and creativity found in their video ads. This inconsistency can lead to missed opportunities in engaging potential customers.
  • Copywriting: One of the most significant areas where Hermes Australia falls short is copywriting. The ad copy in Hermes Australia’s Meta ads is often brief and uninspired, failing to fully leverage the storytelling potential that the brand’s rich heritage and product quality offer. Effective copywriting in Meta ads is not only about communicating with the audience but also about signalling to Meta’s algorithms what the ad is about, which affects targeting and delivery.

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The Importance of Copy and Creatives

In social media advertising, particularly on Meta platforms, the combination of compelling copy and high-quality creatives is essential for successful campaigns. The copy and creatives must work together to convey the brand message, engage the audience, and drive conversions.

Role of Copywriting:

  • Audience Communication: The ad copy serves as a direct line of communication with the audience. It should be engaging, persuasive, and reflective of the brand’s voice. For Hermes Australia, this means crafting copy that evokes the luxury, exclusivity, and craftsmanship that the brand embodies. According to Crom Salvatera’s Understand Your Audience Template for Copywriting, it’s crucial to address human needs such as social approval and the desire to be superior.
  • Algorithm Communication: Ad copy also plays a crucial role in communicating with Meta’s algorithms. Clear, descriptive copy helps Meta understand the ad’s content and context, improving ad targeting and delivery. Poorly written or vague copy can result in suboptimal ad performance due to ineffective targeting.

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  • Video Ads: Hermes Australia’s video ads are a strong point, showcasing the brand’s products in a visually appealing manner. High-quality video content can effectively capture user attention, convey complex messages, and leave a lasting impression. Using emotive triggers like pride and envy, these videos resonate deeply with the audience, highlighting Hermes Australia’s position as an elite and coveted brand.
  • Image Ads: To complement their video ads, Hermes Australia needs to elevate the quality of their image ads. High-quality, visually striking images can attract attention and drive engagement, especially when combined with compelling copy. Image ads offer versatility and can be used in various formats, including carousels and slideshows, to tell a more dynamic brand story.

Comparative Analysis

Interestingly, smaller American and Australian brands at the mid-level enterprise business level often outperform luxury giants like Hermes Australia in social media advertising. These smaller brands excel in areas where Hermes Australia falls short:

  • Engaging Copywriting: These brands invest in crafting engaging, narrative-driven ad copy that resonates with their audience and enhances ad performance. They understand the dual role of ad copy in communicating with both the audience and the platform’s algorithms.
  • Versatile Creatives: Smaller brands often utilise a mix of high-quality images and videos, ensuring that all ad formats are visually appealing and effective in driving engagement and conversions.

Recommendations for Improvement

To enhance its social media advertising, Hermes Australia should consider the following strategies:

  • Invest in Copywriting: Hermes Australia should prioritise crafting compelling, descriptive ad copy that tells a story and reflects the brand’s luxury ethos. Engaging copy can significantly improve audience connection and ad performance.
  • Enhance Image Ads: Elevating the quality of image ads to match the high standards of their video content is crucial. Hermes Australia should focus on creating visually stunning image ads that capture the brand’s elegance and craftsmanship.
  • Leverage Meta Features: Fully utilising Meta’s advanced targeting options, carousel ads, and video content can enhance user engagement and conversion rates. Dynamic ads, in particular, can personalise the shopping experience, making it more relevant and appealing.
  • Regular A/B Testing: Continuously testing different ad variations, copy lengths, and creative formats can help identify the most effective strategies. This iterative approach ensures that Hermes Australia’s social media ads are always optimised for performance.

While Hermes Australia’s social media advertising showcases high-quality video content, there is significant room for improvement in its image ads and copywriting. By addressing these areas, Hermes Australia can enhance its brand awareness and conversion campaigns, leveraging the full potential of Meta’s advertising platform. Learning from smaller, agile brands that excel in these areas can provide valuable insights and strategies for Hermes Australia to adopt, ensuring that their social media advertising aligns with the brand’s esteemed reputation and drives substantial business growth.

About the Author

Crom Salvatera is a seasoned social media consultant and digital marketing mentor with a deep passion for luxury branding and high-end market strategies. With over a decade of experience in the industry, Crom has helped numerous prestigious brands optimise their digital presence and engage their target audiences effectively. His keen insights into technical SEO, data-driven marketing, and creative advertising make him a sought-after expert in the field. Crom’s analytical approach and dedication to excellence ensure that brands like Hermes Australia can achieve and maintain their elite status in the competitive luxury market.

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