Elevating a Premium Beverage Brand Through Strategic Social Media Campaigns

Explore how Crom Salvatera’s targeted social media campaigns revitalised a premium beverage brand’s online presence and increased sales.

One of his most notable successes was working with a renowned Australian distillery and bar on behalf of his client.

Due to confidentiality agreements, the premium beverage brand cannot be named directly. Celebrated for its exceptional craftsmanship and commitment to quality, Crom’s partnership aimed to further elevate the brand’s presence through strategic social media campaigns.

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The Challenge

The client was struggling to meet its quarterly targets, having been behind for eight weeks. The goal was to help them reach these targets by increasing brand awareness and engagement on social media platforms while maintaining the company’s upscale image.

The challenge lay in developing a targeted, results-driven strategy that would resonate with the brand’s sophisticated audience and showcase the unique attributes of their artisanal spirits.

Crom’s Approach

  1. Audit the best-selling products: Crom began by identifying the client’s top-performing products to understand the key factors driving their success.
  2. Audit the best-selling products that are declining: He assessed the products that were once best-sellers but had started to decline, aiming to identify areas for improvement.
  3. Rebuild the campaigns: Crom revamped the outdated campaigns, focusing on up-to-date marketing strategies and techniques that would yield better results.
  4. Update the copy: He ensured that the copy reflected the beauty and taste of the products, steering clear of any bland or boring language.


My approach led to a remarkable turnaround in the client’s performance. Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) increased from 0.50:1 to 8:1 within just seven days, and this impressive growth rate was sustained for three months. By implementing these strategic changes, Crom successfully helped his client’s client meet their quarterly targets and reinforce their position as a leading premium beverage brand.

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