Quarterly Reflections of a Marketer

Every quarter (or monthly if it’s a new account), I undertake a straightforward but highly effective self-review (reflections) exercise.

This process aims to guide your Facebook or LinkedIn marketing campaign on the right track, similar to how aviators use the 1-in-60 Rule.

It says that a 1-degree error will cause a plane to miss its target by 1 mile for every 60 miles flown. This principle illustrates how a slight misjudgment now can result in a significant deviation over time.

(I didn’t come up with this by the way, but rather, I picked it up along the way). 

When applied to your marketing strategy, small mistakes in ad copy, creative bias, or ad spend allocation can lead to substantial setbacks down the line, thus highlighting the importance of immediate adjustments and course corrections.

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This process requires a simple quarterly check-in to examine your campaign’s effectiveness and implement necessary adjustments. It’s based on self-reflection, assessment, and modification, and is rooted in the following set of questions:


Start by analysing the ad copies and creatives from the previous quarter:

  • Which ads resulted in a surge in engagement or conversions (energy creators)?
  • Which ones didn’t perform well (energy drainers)?

The goal:

Invest more in energy-creating ads and cut back on energy-draining ads in the coming quarter.

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Step 2: ASSESS

Next, evaluate your campaign’s current performance:

  • What is your most important marketing goal at the moment? This is the significant, long-term objective you’re working towards.
  • Do your current ad copies and creatives align with this long-term goal?
  • What is currently impeding your campaign’s performance?

Step 3: ADJUST

Now, it’s time to act on your findings:

  • How can you rebalance your budget to invest more in high-performing ads and less in those that drain your resources?
  • How can you modify your ad copy and creative to better support your most important goal?
  • What adjustments can you make to your campaign build to align it more closely with your main objectives?
  • How can you get your team and the client to ‘buy into’ your plan?
  • How can you eliminate the hurdles that are slowing down your campaign’s progress?

Write down your answers in a dedicated campaign notebook or digital tracker. Those who have worked with me, know I have a notebook with me all the time.

This practice, taking roughly 30 to 60 minutes, provides a fantastic opportunity for quarterly reflection and course correction in your Facebook or LinkedIn advertising strategy.

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