How Did I Get Become a Digital Marketer

Ever wondered what leads someone down the path to a career in digital marketing? I’ve got a confession to make that might surprise you. 😅 It’s not always about strategic plans, ads that pop, or a passion for algorithms.

In 2012 I had A Stable Safe Job at LEGO

A little more than ten years ago, I found myself utterly entranced by a distinctive set of individuals nestled within a bustling cafe in Sydney’s Macquarie Centre. Their armour? Laptops. Their fuel? Expertly brewed flat whites. They exuded a sense of purpose, an unspoken mission that was palpable in the air around them. And the truly brilliant bit? They were earning their keep, right there and then! 😎💼☕

They weren’t merely folks on extended coffee breaks; these were the digital gladiators of our era, wrestling with SEO, optimising content, Google Ads, working with the latest tech called ‘Facebook Ads’ (this was 2012), and painting the online world with their creativity. They were digital marketers (online marketers then), and they oozed coolness.

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Online Marketer

As I stood there, a marketer steeped in traditional methods, watching them while I awaited my latte, an idea ignited within me – an idea that quickly evolved into an overpowering passion. “Could I see myself in their shoes? I can be an online marketer” I wondered. Then, fuelled by a couple more eureka moments (which I’ll delve into later), I decided to jump in headfirst 🏄‍♂️, and I’ve never found a reason to second-guess that decision.

Fast-forward eleven years, and there I am – the figure at the cafe, Macbook Pro alight, coffee within arm’s reach, moulding digital landscapes, and aiding brands in establishing their online presence. But deep down, I remain that same bloke who was initially captivated by the aura of those cool digital marketers in the cafe.

So here’s a toast and a salute to the unorthodox routes that guide us to where we belong! If you’re ever in a cafe and see someone engrossed in digital marketing, remember – that could be a future you. Or perhaps, just someone who found it cool. 😉

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